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4S: Summit Success Strategy Session

Your Virtual Summit Blueprint To Become
The Go-To Authority of Your Industry

For the first time ever, I am giving you access to my team for half a day to help you create your winning virtual summit strategy.

You’ll walk away with crystal clarity on your next steps & everything you need to launch a successful online conference.

If you want to host a successful online summit, and avoid wasting 6 months launching an event nobody wants, 4S is for you

Summit Success Strategy Session is for you want:

  • Sexy summit name, offer, and bonuses that will make your client throw money at you
  • Crystal clarity on your customer avatar (and avoid hosting a summit nobody wants)
  • Strategies to self-fund your summit through sponsorship - access to blueprints used to raise $75,000 USD for a summit with no email list
  • Proven high converting landing page & sales page templates
  • Bulletproof system to book your dream speakers & summit partners
  • Master checklist & action-steps to launch an epic event

SOME Summits We’ve SUPPORTED LaunchING

The Truth about digital marketing is:

  • Ads are getting more expensive every year
  • Attention is decreasing every year
  • # of Fortune 1000 investing in online marketing increasing every year

It has never been more important to own a platform that systematically grows your leads & authority before it’s too late.

Systematic Leads

Automated way to capture your target audience to join your list and nurture them through thoughtful sequences that get them enrolled into your service or product.

Systematic Authority

Automated way to establish YOU as the best solution in the market by leveraging content to keep your business & name on top of their mind.

As a result, like our clients, you can:

  • Double or even tripling your fees
  • Attract only the hottest “ready to buy” prospects
  • Stop Chasing leads or traffic again, instead letting it flow to you
  • Influence thousands of people as a trusted advisor in your industry
  • Instantly grow your online community & following


23,000+ Views On FB LIVE

Airbnb Mastery Summit

$75,000 USD Sponsorship

Crypto Virtual Summit

15+ Speaking Gigs in 14 days

Millennial Success Summit


Current platforms just aren’t enough to get you to the top.

In-person events build authority but aren’t scalable, Webinars help grow your email list but have low perceived value,Podcasts are remote but poor revenue generator.

None of these are completely able to achieve the differentiating results you need. If you don’t have the team or bandwidth to create, you can host a virtual summit that is a 3-in-1 solution.


Virtual summits bring you all the benefits of a webinar, in-person event, and podcast without any of the downsides. It's the most effective way to offer the highest-performing, highest-converting content.

  • An endless audience list, eager to jump at the opportunity to buy your offer…
  • Immediate respect, credibility, and authority with every lead you or your team reaches…
  • The elite role of an industry-leading entrepreneur, while others (with just as good offers) remain leagues behind.


Donna Agnes

Founder of Design Biz Mastery

Kristyn Caetano

Host of Wander Work Thrive

Anthony Bui-Tran

Host of Elite Seller Summit

Ready To Blow Up Your Brand & Reach In The Next 90 Days?

BUT This is NOT For Everyone.

Only Apply If...

  • You are an impact-driven entrepreneur but don’t yet have a clear, scalable plan for consistently generating new leads & clients to predictably grow your company’s bottom line.
  • You have an agency or conference and want to establish yourself as the go-to leader of your industry.
  • You already know you want to launch a virtual summit but don’t have a clear success blueprint or pathway to hit your summit goals.

And want to hear something super cool?

All of our summits were 100% self-funded through sponsorship .

Meaning our clients don’t have to spend a single penny from their own pockets to finance their virtual summit marketing campaign (if they want).

We’ll share with you our proven sponsorship blueprint used to raise over $100,000 in sponsorship (many summits had ZERO email list to start with).

On average, our clients have raised over $25,000 per summit.

Disclaimer: We don't promise any results. Every industry and every summit is different.

Eric is the go-to expert for if you want to host a profitable virtual summit. Together we’ve raised over $75,000 in sponsorship before the summit even started!  And the summit set me on the path to create an extremely exciting career in the crypto and blockchain space. Forever grateful!

Amateo Ra

Founder of Crypto Virtual Summit

Just launched our digital summit and we are already seeing massive success. After our 2 hours conversation , Eric's strategy helped us raised $25,000 USD in sponsorship.

Cannot wait to launch our next summit soon! 

Anthony Bui

Co-host of Elite Seller Summit

During Your 4S you will discover:

  • How to get off the hamster wheel of marketing- if you feel like you have to work harder to make more content, this weekend will change your perspective completely...
  • How to become a high-value content-creating machine... This is how to effortlessly tap into your unlimited stream of content ideas!
  • How to self-fund your summits through sponsorships- access the blueprints used to raise $75,000 for a summit with NO email list
  • How to find & book your dream speakers & summit partners
  • How to identify your summit offer, bonuses & premium upsell

More Testimonials & Success Stories

"Eric has been a wonderful asset to my network & virtual event.

He brings an attitude of service to every conversation and is always focused on providing massive value to his clients. His insights are always spot-on"

Carey Gjokaj

Host of LifeHack Bootcamp Summit

"With Eric's help and guidance I was able to put together a 1500 person virtual summit where I interviewed numerous fortune 500 companies.

Without his help, I wouldn't have come close to the success I had and wouldn't have known where to start”

Eric Termuende

Host of Future of Work

"If you want to work to host the best virtual summit, Eric & his team will show you exactly how to become a reference in your industry. 

His strategies helped me get the CEO of Century 21 as a speaker despite not having an email list!

Umair Kabani

Host of Realtors Mastery Summit

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